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A new version 1.1.4 of the Eva theme has been released.Fixed mobile menu in latest Google Chrome versionCode added for Ultimate Payments plugin Highlight function Google+ (closed by Google) in footer changed to LinkedinGoogle+ share in item page changed to EmailYou can download the new version from your personal account from our site...

  • Date published: 11/09/2019

Osclass Ultimate Social Login plugin new version - 1.2.0What's new :Updated code for new VK APIGoogle+ (closed by Google) changed to Google Sign InYou can download the new version of the plugin from your account on our website.To upgrade, you can simply replace the old files on the hosting with new ones...

  • Date published: 02/07/2019

The New slider on the item page. Better, faster and more reliable!Also minor bugs were fixed.The new version of the theme can already be downloaded in your account...

  • Date published: 19/05/2019

A new version 1.1.3 of the Eva theme has been released. Minor bugs fixed. You can download the new version from your personal account from our site...

  • Date published: 10/12/2018

Ultimate social login plugin 1.1.0 version ready for download.What's new ?- Improvement of the plugin code for the new API version of  Twitter.- Changed Help for Twitter  connection in plugin settingsYou can already download the new version of the plugin from your personal account.To upgrade, you can simply replace the files on the hosting. No need to reinstall plugin...

  • Date published: 01/11/2018

New Osclass Messages plugin - Ultimate Messaging. Osclass Ultimate Messaging - powerful plugin for personal messages in Osclass classified script. Rich functionality will allow you to configure various options, antispam and keep statistics. More details in plugin description: https://osclass-pro.com/en/ultimate_messaging.html ..

  • Date published: 22/09/2018

New Osclass theme Eva Fully responsive Professional Material Design theme with Unlimited colors, interactive Google Map and a lot of different options. This is a universal theme for any classifieds website. Full theme description and demo: https://osclass-pro.com/en/eva.html ..

  • Date published: 16/09/2018

Osclass Google Maps Pro plugin new version 1.0.3 ready for download Now in the plugin two keys. This is done to protect your keys. One key for Google Maps JavaScript API - access to which can be allowed for domain (domains).  Second key for Google Maps Geocoding API - access to which can be allowed for your sever ( website) IP.  So you can protect your Google Maps keys fro..

  • Date published: 12/09/2018

In August, Twitter updated its api. They forbade the use of a number of get parameters. We had to update the plugin and make a new callback URL. Since the old callback URL has become impossible to add to the settings of the application. All that was after the sign "&" Twitter just cut. And the application callback URL could not be configured. In the the plugin version 1.0.9 new URL..

  • Date published: 05/09/2018

Osclass plugin SEO PRO new version 3.7.0 with new Functions for Social networks and Google Search. Schema microdata A post to Google+ that includes a link renders a preview, or snippet, that contains the item title, a brief description of the item, and a thumbnail image. These pieces of data are extracted from the shared item URL ... Google also uses Schema microdata to generate rich snippet..

  • Date published: 21/08/2018

Facebook from API version 3.0 requires manage_pages and publish_pages permissions. And this permissions give only after API review by Facebook team. In the plugin, the Help section is updated for Facebook. Changed the sequence of settings and added information on how to request these permissions.   ..

  • Date published: 03/06/2018

Osclass plugin Ultimate Social Login new version 1.0.7 ready fro download. Fixed Windows Live login. Updated redirect url for Windows live in plugin Help. After updating the plugin, look at the Help in plugin settings. Copy and past new Windows Live  redirect url in your Windows App. ..

  • Date published: 25/04/2018

Osclass Ultimate Autoposting plugin new version v.1.2.0 ready for download. In previous versions, the plugin allowed to publish items only in the group. Now the plugin allows you to publish items on a public Facebook page too. ..

  • Date published: 01/04/2018

Osclass Violet theme new version 1.10 ready for download. Improved styles on mobile Improved styles for custom fields in item page New gallery for item page. One of the two galleries can be selected from theme settings ..

  • Date published: 01/04/2018

Osclass Ultimate Social login update for work with new Facebook API. There have been changes in the API Facebook. Now you need to have a  SSL certificate on your site. And update plugin to 1.0.6 version. Version 1.0.6. ready for download.   ..

  • Date published: 24/03/2018

New Osclass SEO PRO plugin Version 3.6.2 ready for download. In this version added new function, called "Canonical ". This feature allows the plugin to work even better. In Osclass, a lot of duplicate pages are created on the search pages, with url parametrs like sOrder, iOrderType, sCompany and other. When this feature is enabled, these pages will not be added to t..

  • Date published: 18/03/2018

Osclass Social plugins update : Ultimate Autposting v.1.1.0 Ultimate Social Login v.1.0.5 A few days ago, changes were made in API of social network VK . Updates plugins are necessary for further work with this social network. Also in the Ultimate Autposting plugin was added an additional instruction how to get a token easily. ..

  • Date published: 06/03/2018

Osclass theme Bitfinder update. New version 1.2.4 ready for download. What's new ?  Improved styles for mobile devices: in search pages in item page in item post page ..

  • Date published: 07/02/2018