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Osclass SEO PRO plugin new Version 3.9.0 .What's new ?1. Made pagination in the settings of static pages. Since some SEO methods involve creating more landing pages.2. Improved the generation of the sitemap. We made timeouts. With limited hosting resources, now with a memory limit ... the generation process can stop and you can continue from where it stopped.The new version of the plugin is alread..

  • Date published: 06/02/2021

Updating Osclass premium themes: Eva, Violet and Marketplace.Three premium themes have been updated at once.Each of them has been modified for better compatibility with Osclass Evolution. Namely, the loading of images has been improved when publishing items.Marketplace has fixed: loading favicon from theme settings, loading middle image on the main page and improved CSS styles. In Eva and Violet i..

  • Date published: 25/12/2020

A new version of the Bitfinder theme has been released.Bitfinder theme 1.3.2 version ready for download.Fixed: In Google Chrome, when adblock was enabled, the image on the ad page was blocked by Adblock.The cause of the error is incorrect operation of the Adblock extension (Aggressive automatic filter of this extension).We had to make changes to the template in order for the image to be displayed...

  • Date published: 15/10/2020

Osclass plugin Ultimate Autoposting new version 1.3.1 ready for download.Modified  Help instruction for connecting to FacebookNew permissions required for work with posting to Facebook group or public page:    publish_to_groups    pages_read_engagement    pages_read_user_content    pages_manage_posts    pages_manage_engagementThe plugin can be..

  • Date published: 07/07/2020

Osclass Social login plugin new version 1.3.1 . Fix for Yandex.For several days Yandex updated the algorithm of its work.Yandex  authorization has stopped working. We made changes to the plugin and now it works againThe new version of the plugin can already be downloaded in personal account.To upgrade, you can simply replace the plugin files on the hosting...

  • Date published: 10/05/2020

How to update Osclass manually?  1. Back up the site and database files2. Download the archive with the new version : DOWNLOAD OSCLASS3. Unzip the archive on your computer4. Replace files on your hosting:  oc-admin and oc-includes folders completely (all files, replacing containers with new ones)Also replace the files in Osclass folder : oc-load.php and index.php5. Go t..

  • Date published: 29/02/2020

Google recently launched a webmaster newsletter about data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated .We will tell you how to change the data-vocabulary breadcrumb markup to schema.org/BreadcrumbList.This is the new breadcrumb markup supported by all major search engines.Open file /oc-includes/osclass/classes/Breadcrumb.phpAnd from 299 line change this code:        &..

  • Date published: 25/01/2020

Translation or modification of an existing translation of templates and plugins in Osclass.Osclass supports multi languages.As a rule, all themes and plugins in the source code contain English text.This text is then translated into the desired languages ​​using translation files.By default, each theme has its own translation files, which are located in the languages ​​folder (/ oc-content / themes..

  • Date published: 25/01/2020

Osclass Social login plugin new version 1.3.0 . 1. Fix for Facebook (If the user does not give access to the email, he can not register)On Facebook there is a possibility to prohibit giving an e-mail to Facebook login.If the user prohibits giving his email, the plugin will not register it.The user will be shown a message that in order to register on the site he must provide his email.2. ..

  • Date published: 25/10/2019

Development has begun on a new improved version of the Osclass.This fork is called the Osclass Evo: https://osclass-evo.com/First will be done:1. PHP 7.3 compatible fixes.2. Removing Old Market.3. Removing ajax calls to osclass.org (which is why the admin panel is slow and sometimes 500 errors).4. New Responsive Admin theme will be added( Since the osclass wasn’t mobile friendly).5. Minor bug..

  • Date published: 23/10/2019

The official Osclass market has been closed in september 2019.This has denied a large community access to a free plugins, themes, locations and languages for Osclass.All this was created for many years, people who are not indifferent to Osclass development.They did a great job.And in September 2019, thousands of users were denied access to these products.Despite this, we have some good news.A..

  • Date published: 23/10/2019

A new version 1.1.4 of the Eva theme has been released.Fixed mobile menu in latest Google Chrome versionCode added for Ultimate Payments plugin Highlight function Google+ (closed by Google) in footer changed to LinkedinGoogle+ share in item page changed to EmailYou can download the new version from your personal account from our site...

  • Date published: 11/09/2019

Osclass Ultimate Social Login plugin new version - 1.2.0What's new :Updated code for new VK APIGoogle+ (closed by Google) changed to Google Sign InYou can download the new version of the plugin from your account on our website.To upgrade, you can simply replace the old files on the hosting with new ones...

  • Date published: 02/07/2019

The New slider on the item page. Better, faster and more reliable!Also minor bugs were fixed.The new version of the theme can already be downloaded in your account...

  • Date published: 19/05/2019

A new version 1.1.3 of the Eva theme has been released. Minor bugs fixed. You can download the new version from your personal account from our site...

  • Date published: 10/12/2018

Ultimate social login plugin 1.1.0 version ready for download.What's new ?- Improvement of the plugin code for the new API version of  Twitter.- Changed Help for Twitter  connection in plugin settingsYou can already download the new version of the plugin from your personal account.To upgrade, you can simply replace the files on the hosting. No need to reinstall plugin...

  • Date published: 01/11/2018

New Osclass Messages plugin - Ultimate Messaging. Osclass Ultimate Messaging - powerful plugin for personal messages in Osclass classified script. Rich functionality will allow you to configure various options, antispam and keep statistics. More details in plugin description: https://osclass-pro.com/en/ultimate_messaging.html ..

  • Date published: 22/09/2018

New Osclass theme Eva Fully responsive Professional Material Design theme with Unlimited colors, interactive Google Map and a lot of different options. This is a universal theme for any classifieds website. Full theme description and demo: https://osclass-pro.com/en/eva.html ..

  • Date published: 16/09/2018