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more_vertUltimate Social Login

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Osclass Ultimate Social Login plugin for registration and login with social networks. Allows users to quickly access the site. Supported social networks: Facebook Twitter Google+ (Google+ stops working and closes. In the next version of the plugin, we will add a new integration with Google.) Yahoo Instagram Linkedln Windows life Vkontakte Yandex Odnoklassniki Ma..

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more_vertUltimate Autoposting

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Osclass Ultimate Autoposting plugin automatically post items to social networks: Facebook, Twitter and VK. This plugin will allow you to get more visitors from social networks. Facebook Automatically post items to your Facebook group. Automatically post items to your Facebook public page. Allow you to get more visitors from Facebook. Twitter Automatically post items to your Tw..

Social Networks

Osclass Social Networks plugins for login with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Windows and other functions. These are plugins that allow the Osclass site to interact with social networks.