Osclass Ultimate payments plugin
Osclass Ultimate payments plugin Osclass Ultimate payments plugin Osclass Ultimate payments plugin Osclass Ultimate payments plugin Osclass Ultimate payments plugin Osclass Ultimate payments plugin Osclass Ultimate payments plugin Osclass Ultimate payments plugin Osclass Ultimate payments plugin
Version: 4.1.4
Price: $59.00 $16.99
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This is a powerful plugin for earning on your Osclass website. Osclass Ultimate payments plugin allows you to work with Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, Skrill, Payza, Paysafecard, Payumoney, Fortumo (SMS payments, Work only in Wallet ), Blockchain (Bitcoins) and will be more!

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Depending on your country, you can accept payments with Paypal, Bank Cards, Mobile SMS, Bitcoins and Local Banking.


Premium is feature for Osclass when the listing shown on top of free listings.

Move to Top

User can pay Move to Top. This function move listing once to Top of the category and the main page too. These listing rise above free listings, but below the Premium (if there are some) and will be decreased by newly listed ads by other users.


This option allows to attract the visitors' attention to listing, using background color different from other listings.

Pack 3-in-1

This option includes: Premium , Highlight and automatically moving item in the top every day.

Pay Publish

In order to show listing to all users, it is required to pay Publish fee. When fee is not paid, item is not visible.


User will be able to renew their expired or soon expired item for a fee. And make them visible longer on your website.

Publish Policy

You can setup how much items can be published by one user for free in each category:

  • All published items must be paid in category
  • All items can be published for free in category
  • The user can publish 1,2,3 and etc. items for free in category, and after this he must pay for the publication of the new item in this category.


You can add packs as many as you want. The user will be able to pay for the packs and replenish his wallet on the site.

And then pay from Wallet for the plugin services. For each pack, you can assign a bonus.


  • Admin can add bonus credits in the user Wallet. This allow user to try premium functions. Or the administrator can give a bonus to the user which just constantly use the premium features of the site
  • Bonus for new user. If you enable this option, for each new user will be added bonus to a wallet
  • Periodic bonuses for all users

Pay per Show Image

This option allows you to take payment from users for the ability to display pictures in listings. This function enables to hide images of listing until image fee is paid. Note that customer can upload pictures without any problem, those are just not shown.

Category prices

You can setup prices for each category for Premium, Highlight, Pay Publish, Renew, Move to TOP and Pack 3-in-1.

City prices

You can setup prices for each city for Premium, Highlight, Pay Publish, Renew, Move to TOP and Pack 3-in-1.


  • You can create user groups as many as you want
  • For each group, you can set the membership price
  • For each group, you can set a validity period
  • For each group, you can set a discount for the site's services
  • For each group, you can set a custom Publsih policy


You can add the banner code to the any places on the site.

Users of the site will be able to buy a place and upload their banner.

First the user upload his banner.

After that, the banner will be waiting moderation from you in Banners.

After your approval, the user will be able to prepay views or clicks of the banner.

After the prepayment amount has been used up, the banner will not be displayed.

The full statistics of views and clicks the user can see in the personal account on the site.

You, too, can see all the statistics in the menu Banners.


This option allows users to sell products directly on your website.

All payments for goods will be received by you.

On plugin settings  there will be information on each sale.

The seller and buyer will also be able to see this information in their personal account.


The administrator can see all of the payments that have been made on the site. 

E-mail Notification

Different e-mail notifications to users. On expiring services, membership, on the sale of goods, etc.

These notifications will make their use of the site more convenient and will not allow users to forget to extend the service.

Options on the item page

  • If the user is logged on the site - he can pay from item page: Premium, Renew, Move to TOP, Pack 3-in-1.
  • If admin logged on oc-admin - he can Mark item: Premium, Move to TOP ,Highlight or Renew, as admin without payment.
  • When admin editing the item from oc-admin option for: Premium, Renew, Move to TOP, Pack 3-in-1.

Options in user account

User can pay or reneview all services from personal account.

The user sees how many days are before the end of the service.



1. Plugin is translated only to English, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazil),Italian.

Full Ready to translate to any other language.

Translate is very easy and takes little time. How to do it:


2. PHP 5.4 or higher is required

3. You may need to sign up for third party services as Paypal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Braintree, Payumoney in order to configure those method of payments for the plugin

4. Highlight option for work requires small changes in the theme files. Read Help in plugin settings.

5. Not compatible with plugins "Item Social Share", "Payments" and "Paypal plus"


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