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Premium Osclass Theme Next

Demo Osclass Theme Next

1 . Responsive theme for computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

2 . Default Gallery or List View. The administrator canchoose -aswill be shownby default.

3 . Convenient user navigation on categories. Upon transition to any category, the list of subcategories automatically opens.

4 . The horizontal full-function menu is built-in. Access of user to an account, authorization, registration, exit and communication form.

5 . The share buttons in social networks on the item page are built-in.

6 . Locations in footer at main page. Administrator can set:

1) Show all regions

2) Show regions with items

3) Show all cities ( It is advisableto use if you have a fewregionsor one. If you havea lotof regions- the main pagewill bea long timeto load.)

4) Show cities with items

5) Show countries with items

6) Hide locations in footer

7 . The block of related ads in item page (customized plugin for theme).

 Related Ads plugin allows to set to the administrator various settings:

a) number of related ads in item page;

b) show related ads only from the same category of the item or not;

c) to take ads from the same region or from any.

8. Ads Managment from admin part for advertising platform, such as Google Adsense.

(Header, Home Page, Search, Item Page)

9. Slider in main page for premium items. Admin can set:

a) select number of items to show

b) select to show slider or carousel

c) hide

10. Very Easy to install. No need toedit the code. No need to installa bunch ofplugins.

11. Icons can be replaced to another icons. How to do it- it is writteninHelp.

12. Different colors (12 colors - blue, green, coral, cornsilk, cyan, hotpink, orange, orchid, purple, queen-blue, slategray, violet-blue and will be more).

13. Search in main pagelocations can be configured from admin part to use : search with all regions, with all cities,  regions with items, cities with items, countries with items and hide this field.( Seach by all cities is advisableto use if you have a fewregionsor one. If you havea lotof regions- the main pagewill bea long timeto load.)

14. Social links in footer. Past from admin part.

15. Full translated: English, Spanish(Spain), Portuguese(Brazil), Portuguese(Portugal), Russian.

And full ready to translate to any other language.


1. Optimizeimages

2.Fix bugin thetemplate on theWindows Phone 8.1andsomeAndroidsmartphones.

update to 1.4.1

What's new ?:

1) Ad managment from admin part for advertising platform, such as Google Adsense

Header - for each pages

Main Page - 3 blocks( top of latest listings, middle, under latest listings)

Seacrh Page - 3 blocks ( top of search listings, middle, under seacrh listings)

Item Page -2 blocks ( after item description and under item images)

Codeis simply insertedinto the adminpart ofit!Veryeasy!

2) ImprovedMobileMenu

3) By popular demand:the blockson the main page ofthe sameas in thesearch.

 new release1.7.1

1)Show ads as- Gallery andList.Admincan specifywhich of themwill be displayedon the siteby default.

And sothe user canchoosethe kindthat's justhe likes.

2)In the foooter,added iconslinks tosocial networks.

new release 1.9.1

1) The search form is changed

2) Icons are changed and added

3) The public profile of the user is changed

 release 1.9.7

1) Add contact form to item page at mobile portret view

2) Fix Alerts

3) Fix work with Rich Edit plugin in list view

4) New icons for gallery/list view

Release 2.0.0

1) Add Help page in admin part

2) Some icons have been changed in 2.0.0.

Release 2.2.5

- Add 11 new colors

- New admin part

- New functions

Release 2.3.0

- Icons for categories now can be uploaded from theme settings

- Related ads build in theme

Compatible with original Osclass 3.5.0 - 3.8.1 , Osclass Evolution 4.1.0 - 4.x.x (latest)

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