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Osclass Premium Theme Fino

Pressthe leftGEARto seedifferent colorsand options.

1 . Responsive theme for computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

2 . Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3.

3 . Different colors (blue, green, black-red, blue-grey, dark-pink, tomato, cornsilk, queen-blue, violet-blue, blue-cyan, neptune, teal-green and will be more).

4 . Сarousel on the mainpage. Admin can set:

  • select number of items to show
  • select to show premium or popular items
  • hide carousel 

5 . The share buttons in social networks on the item page are built-in.

6 .Locations in footer at main page. Administrator can set:

  • Show all regions
  • Regions with items
  • Show all cities ( It is advisableto use if you have a fewregionsor one. If you havea lotof regions- the main pagewill bea long timeto load.)
  • Cities with items
  • Countries with items
  • Hide locations in footer

7 . The block of related ads for item page. Related Ads function built into the theme.

Related Ads function allows to set to the administrator various settings:

  • number of relates ads in item page;
  • ads with photos only оr not;
  • ads only from the same region оr not;
  • ads only from the same same category оr not;
  • Premium ads only or not;
  • Any combination of the previous functions for Related Ads

8. Advertise Managment from Osclass admin part theme for advertising platform, such as Google Adsense.

(Home Page, Search, Item Page)

9. Default Gallery or List View. The administrator can choose - as will be shown by default.

10. Custom Welcome text in Main Page ( paste in admin part).

11. Categories in Main page with subcategories or only categories( Setup in admin part).

12. Very Easy to install. No need to edit the code. No need a plugins to install theme.

13. Three widget in footer. Here you can insert from admin part a widget of social network, any other widget that you want, or just text.

14. Links in footer to social pages ( paste from admin part)

15. Search in main pagelocations can be configured from admin part to use search with:

  • All regions
  • Regions with items
  • All cities ( It is advisableto use if you have a fewregionsor one. If you havea lotof regions- the main pagewill bea long timeto load.)
  • Cities with items
  • Countries with items
  • Cities by region
  • Hide locations in

16. Functions for item-post page. Post item with country select or not(regions and cities only), show custom field after categories or at bottom.

17. Category icons can be upload from admin part.

18. More functions will be added in updates Premium Osclass theme Fino.

19. Functions for item-post

Post item with country select or not, show custom field after categories or at bottom.

20. Disable/enable: category icons in items, subcategories in category page, mark as and useful block in item page.

21. Full translated: English, Spanish(Spain), Portuguese(Brazil), Portuguese(Portugal), German, French, Italian, Russian.

And full ready to translate to any other language.

22. Integration with Osclass Paypal plus plugin (paid plugin required): The templateis fullyconfigured to work with Paypal plus, the most functionalplugin for Paypal. If need configure for other payment plugin - we will help!

Compatible with original Osclass 3.5.0 - 3.8.1 , Osclass Evolution 4.1.0 - 4.x.x (latest)

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