Osclass Hosting

Hosting is very important for each of us.

We want fast, inexpensive and well supported Hosting.

Hosting for Osclass

Hosting must meet a number of requirements:

  • PHP version 5.6 or higher (higher is better)
  • One MYSQL or Maria DB database
  • E-Mail availability
  • PHP module GD library
  • Apache server (for friendly urls)
  • The ability to edit HTACCESS (for friendly urls)

This is the minimum set of requirements that the Osclass site needs to work.

But besides this, he must have the following qualities:

  • Quick
  • With good support
  • And preferably at a low price

If the hosting is slow:

  • The site will rank poorly in Google searches.
  • And people will find it inconvenient to use it and they will quickly leave the site.

That's why it's important to choose fast hosting.

Good support is a must.  If there is a problem, support should be quick to help. To make the site work and you do not lose visitors

Price is also very important. Expensive price is often not an indicator of quality.

The price is often lower in large companies.

All the necessary requirements are fully met A2 Hosting.

Click on the image below and see their offer: